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New Shrinking 3D Printer

New Shrinking 3D Printer

Written by David

December 22, 2018

A new way of 3D printing, shrinking 3D printing, will make 3D printing small objects a breeze . The idea behind the shrinking 3D printer is to print an object and then shrink it to the required size – a technique known as implosion fabrication. The most amazing part about this 3D printer is that it can be adapted to work with different materials like metals, quantum dots and even DNA. Additionally, complicated shapes like microscopic linked chains can be printed too. This incredible work was published in the latest issue of the Science journal. Classic 3D printers that you may be familiar with use additive manufacturing. This is where a structure is normally built up layer by layer, adding material as you go up in layers. But this method is not ideal for structures that cannot be built from the bottom up. Instead, you can use a technique […]


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