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New Metal Additive Manufacturing Technology Coming to the Aerospace Market

Advanced manufacturing (AM) is becoming increasingly important in the highly competitive aerospace market—and two leaders in the AM field, 3M and GF Machining Solutions, have developed a new technology that empowers manufacturers to implement AM in their workflows with faster rates and higher quality. The companies jointly created the DMP Factory 500, a workflow-optimized metal 3D printer that can create large parts with higher quality, increased production rate and lower total cost of ownership for aerospace manufacturers. It has the potential to be the foundation of a fully scalable metal AM production of parts up to 500 millimeters cubed in size. The modular solution allows workers to move a removable print module between printer and powder modules. Automated depowdering saves manual labor and reduces human exposure to hazardous metal powder materials. Because the system is modular, it can be scaled to fit production line requirements as well. AM has, […]


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