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New 3D printing powder

New 3D printing powder

Written by David

October 9, 2019

Metal 3D printer provider Markforged says that Inconel 625 powder can now be used with its Metal X 3D printer.


The company’s Inconel 625 is a nickel-chromium based alloy with 20-23% chromium content, and has an ultimate tensile strength of 765 MPa, 0.2% yield strength of 334 MPa, and 42% elongation at break (all properties as sintered).


Compared to wrought Inconel 625 (AMS 5599) which has 100% relative density, Markforged Inconel as sintered reportedly has a relative density of 96.5%. It can retain high strength at elevated temperatures, and is suitable for chemical, offshore, and aerospace industries, according to Markforged. The company says that it plans to reduce cost of access to Inconel 625, expand the material’s applications, and deliver lead times competitive with other manufacturing methods. The Metal X process, called atomic diffusion additive manufacturing (ADAM), involves the […]


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