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New 3D printing method prints items made from different materials in one go


“3D printing must become very simple,” says Konrad Schreiner, the founder of Plasmics . “If it’s not user-friendly, you won’t use it.”


In his 3D printing process, the entire object is printed – in one go. That means when he prints a lamp, it comes out of the printer fully wired.


Actually, Schreiner studied economics but has always had a connection to mechanical engineering. The idea for the multi-material printer came to him during his first job. He worked in a pharmaceutical production company and pharmaceutical products require special manufacturing parameters. Every product must be particle-free. That means you have to guarantee line purity from one material to the next.


He adopted this principle for his 3D printing process. While other 3D printers print different materials through a single nozzle, his system has a separate nozzle for each material. We’ve been talking for a […]

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