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New 3D Printing Method for Multicolor Microstructures

New 3D Printing Method for Multicolor Microstructures

Written by David

October 22, 2020

By adjusting the number of layers of multicolor resins, the researchers could adjust the light absorbance for each part of a structure. This allowed them to create black in microstructures such as this cross shape by combining layers of red, blue, green, and yellow. 3D printing technique developed by researchers in Japan eyed for developing optical, soft-robot, or medical components.


A new method developed by researchers in Japan has solved the tricky problem of successfully 3D printing multicolor and multi-material microstructures in a single-step method.


The technique—invented by a team from Yokohama National University in Japan—is based on a new way to hold the various materials in a droplet state, so there is less waste when they are exchanged in a closed space such as a printer microchannel, researchers said.


Key to allowing this to work is the unique way the team created for the process to work with […]


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