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New 3D printing materials from DuPont

New 3D printing materials from DuPont

Written by David

May 29, 2019

A 35 cm tall branched duct, 3D printed on a pellet printer with DuPont’s Hytrel TPC-ET. DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers says that it has added more materials to the company’s range for 3D printing. This includes six new glass fiber-reinforced, carbon fiber-reinforced and unreinforced grades of Zytel polyamide and Hytrel thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPC-ET) pellets and two new Hytrel filaments. According to the company, the new pelletized materials for pellet extrusion modeling allow the user to switch more easily from prototyping to small-series, pre-series and mass production, while maintaining similar polymer properties. The new pellets and filaments offer a range of hardnesses, fiber reinforcement options and colors. DuPont says that in 3D printing applications, Zytel pellets and filaments can deliver a balance of strength and stiffness as well as lower shrinkage and warpage for strong, rigid, functional parts. The glass fiber reinforced grades feature a heat deflection temperature […]


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