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New 3D Printing Materials at RAPID + TCT 2019

Without materials, no manufacturing process would be able to do… well, anything. For the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, materials are one of the key ingredients to widespread industrial adoption. For this reason, numerous chemical companies, from BASF to DSM, have jumped into the game. This couldn’t have been clearer at RAPID + TCT 2019, where a slew of partnerships and products were announced, indicating the continued industrialization of 3D printing. As a follow-up to our wrap-up on hardware and software, here are some of the most important materials stories from this year’s show. BASF Supports New 3D Printing Technologies BASF is now a mainstay of the 3D printing industry, not just manufacturing materials but also investing in companies like Materialise . It’s also begun partnering with companies to accelerate the development of materials for unique technologies. At RAPID, the chemical giant’s list of partnerships included Paxis LLC, which has […]


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