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New 3D Face Mask May Solve Skin Problems

Written by David

January 19, 2019

Everything 3D is the new cool these days. The advent of the three dimensional printing has led to massive wave of medical development. Think about it, there are now prosthetic limbs that are now more advanced, doctors may now be able to print antibacterial teeth. And who knows, we just might be getting a 3D printed artificial heart soon. This is 2019 and the 3D game is taking things a notch higher by helping us ease dry patches on our foreheads, smoothen fine lines around the eyes, and even brighten dull skin . In Las Vegas a few months ago at the consumer electronic show, Neutrogena which is a cosmetic and skin care company introduced their latest tools to help customers solve their skin care concerns. This new problem solver is a 3D, face mask that is ultra-personalized. This face mask is designed to fit your face’s shape snugly. […]


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