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Needling Your Projects: 3D Printed PCB Probing Jig Uses Accupuncture Needles

Written by David

November 16, 2019

Trying to probe a modern electronic circuit with tiny SMD components, without letting the magic smoke escape in the process, can be quite a challenge. Especially since we hackers have not yet developed the number of appendages required to hold 3 different probes in place while operating both an oscilloscope and a computer.


Giuseppe Finizia solved this problem with a 3D printed PCB probing jig that uses acupuncture needles.


As part of Giuseppe’s day job as an engineer at an electronic forensics laboratory, he does technical investigations on seized devices, which involves quite a bit of probing. The jig consists of a base plate with slots in which PCB holders of various configurations slide to hold all shapes and sizes of PCBs. Around the circumference of the plate there are multiple positions for adjustable probing “cranes”, each of which hold an acupuncture needle that is crimped or soldered to […]

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