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Nanoe to unveil Zetaprint desktop 3D printer for metal and ceramics at Formnext

Ceramics expert Nanoe has announced it will be launching its Zetaprint system at Formnext 2018 . Zetaprint, which is billed as the first metal and ceramic desktop 3D printing system, consists of an adapted FDM technology compatible with metal and ceramic filaments, along with a debinding vessel and sintering furnace. The whole system will reportedly cost 10,000 euros. In addition to the 3D printer launch, Nanoe will also be presenting a new filament at the upcoming trade show in Frankfurt, a Stainless steel 316L Zetamix filament. The new 3D printer is compatible with the company’s line of Zetamix filaments, which themselves are constituted of a polymer matrix and either ceramic or metal powder. Notably, the filaments can be used with any FDM machine, provided it is robust enough. “When we decided to launch 3D printing consumables for ceramics, we had a look at the current market,” Nanoe CEO Guillaume […]


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