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Must have accessories for filament 3D printers in 2020

Must have accessories for filament 3D printers in 2020

Written by David

March 25, 2020

While FDM printing doesn’t need as many accessories as resin printing, it can certainly benefit from a few helpful tools. We’ve put together an ever-expanding list of “must-have” items that will make your printing days easier.


Bed adhesion king


I have been using Magigoo for a good long while now, and there is nothing quite like it on the market today. I manage to get over 100 prints out of one tube, and none of them failed due to loss of adhesion. If you want your prints to stay put, use Magigoo. $20 at Amazon Keep your filament dry The eSun filament box is a handy little gadget to store the filament you are using. It allows you to keep your filament warm, thus reducing the moisture in it while you print, and it doubles up as a helpful spool holder. Its secret weapon, though, is the scales. Because […]


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