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MIT workshop teaches refugee children joys of digital design

MIT workshop teaches refugee children joys of digital design

Written by David

November 19, 2018

An unaccompanied minor uses a 3D printer during the Digital Design Fabrication Workshop. Teenaged asylum-seekers in Athens are hooked on classes that show them how to use technology to express their creativity. By Leo Dobbs in Athens | 16 November 2018 Syrian teenager Odai* holds up a pair of spectacles held together by sticky tape. They belong to his friend Farshid*, who is leaving Athens in a few days to reunite with his family in Austria. “My teachers said maybe I can help fix them,” the 14-year-old tells UNHCR. He says he will try to make a new arm for his compatriot’s glasses on a machine he has helped to build. This is no ordinary contraption and his teachers include highly skilled technicians working at one of the world’s leading universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. Behind Odai, on a table full of laptops, […]


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