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MIT Researcher Develops “Illusory Material” and Lenticular 3D Printing Platform

MIT Researcher Develops “Illusory Material” and Lenticular 3D Printing Platform

Written by David

September 5, 2020

An award-winning product and industrial designer, Jiani Zeng , has focused her work and research in creating tangible, responsive, consumer experiences through design that combines elements from the physical and digital world.


Her work explores the new design thinking and material possibilities enabled by emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, multi-material 3D Printing. Her latest work ‘Optical Textiles’ won the 2020 Red Dot: Best of the Best, selected from 4170 entries from 52 countries.


The work is based on her research into lenticular 3D printing technology, where she introduced the concept of ‘ Illusory Material ‘, that demonstrated how future designers may not depend on chemical plants alone for color creation, but may use her approach, with 3D printed lenses and simple color blocks, to create hues, textures and refractivity that can change with time or with different viewing angles. While lenticular printing is not a new concept, its […]


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