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Milestones: Protecting Spare Parts in the Era of 3D Printing

Milestones: Protecting Spare Parts in the Era of 3D Printing

Written by Paul

October 29, 2018

3D printing or additive manufacturing processes in general, offer not only a wide range of new possibilities for designing products, but also for revolutionizing their distribution channels. The German Railway Company “Deutsche Bahn” uses 3D printing to digitally supply spare parts to various maintenance sites. As the required spare parts are produced on site directly by 3D printers, transport routes and delivery times are eliminated. Just-in-time delivery becomes just-in-time production. 3D printers for home use are now available for less than USD 1,000, thus allowing private individuals to produce their own 3D objects. These techniques are especially attractive for generating spare parts e.g. for restoration of an old car. All a private individual needs is a CAD file including all the design details of the part to be printed. The CAD file can be created manually in a CAD program, or by scanning an object in three dimensions. Whilst […]


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