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Micro 3D printing for telecommunication: Is it possible?

Micro 3D printing for telecommunication: Is it possible?

Written by David

January 17, 2019

You know it already, mobile communications are quickly advancing and 5G connections might soon be part of our daily life. Ultra-fast video streaming, super-efficient car radars, and 5G communication systems could quickly be improved in the upcoming years, and it could be thanks to 3D printing technology. 3D printing applications are endless and today, we will see an example of how 3D printing is currently able to manufacture at a micro scale, and helping to manufacture terahertz circuits or satellite sensors. Let’s see how new additive manufacturing technique can revolutionize telecommunication. Micro 3D printing for terahertz circuits At the University of Birmingham, a project is currently developing the possibility to 3D print circuits. This impressive project is run by Michal Lancaster, a professor working on micromachining techniques, making circuitry suitable for telecommunication. It is still quite difficult to manufacture little elements such as terahertz circuits because it requires a […]


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