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Metal 3D printing services revenue, $13 billion by 2027

Metal 3D printing services revenue, $13 billion by 2027

Written by Paul

October 24, 2018

“ Metal 3D Printing Services: Service Revenues, Printer Purchases and Materials Consumption – 2018 To 2027 ” released by Smartechmarkets covers: New directions and strategies for service bureaus: Metal printing is challenging and expertise in this area may protect service bureau from losing business to end users who buy their own printers. Some service bureaus believe additive manufacturing is a tool that can take market share from traditional metal working firms. Will the new desktop metal printing technology create new opportunities for service bureaus? Metal powder firm strategies for the service bureau sector: These strategies include both increasing sales of metal powders to service bureau and growing metal powder businesses by entering the service bureau directly. © credit | Service bureau opportunities for traditional third-party suppliers – hybrid manufacturing strategies: Some traditional machine shops have become early adopters of metal additive manufacturing. Metal 3D printing processes are […]


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