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Metal 3D printer eliminates the debinding step

Metal 3D printer eliminates the debinding step

Written by David

July 16, 2020

We’ve all built sandcastles at the beach: the mighty ramparts, the majestic turrets, the shark-filled moat. And if you’re like me, you were amazed at how well a bit of water made things stick together—at least until your big brother came along and kicked it apart in a fit of destructive glee.


Entrepreneur Dan Gelbart also uses water to bind materials together, although his constructions are far more durable than weekend wonders from the beach.


The president and founder of metal 3D printing system provider Rapidia Tech Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, and Libertyville, Ill., Gelbart has developed an approach to building parts that eliminates a time-consuming step inherent with competing technologies while greatly simplifying support removal. It also makes the joining of multiple parts no more difficult than dabbing them with a little water and holding them together—even […]


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