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Meet the Powerbelt Zero, a $399 Belt 3D Printer

Not only are Belt 3D printers a rarity, but they are also expensive. With the Powerbelt3D Zero, a New York-based startup wants to bring down the costs to just $399.


Powerbelt3D, a 3D printing startup company based in Syracuse, NY, is introducing a belt 3D printer starting at $399.


What so special about belt 3D printers?


Standard FFF printers use a cartesian coordinate system to position the print head within a fixed volume in the shape of a cube. The drawback of this proven design is that you can’t print “outside of the box”. Therefore, you’ll have to live with a fixed build volume. And if you want to print multiple objects, you’ll have to pluck them from the build plate before you can print again.


Belt printers, on the other hand, tip the X and Y axis by 45 degrees and add a conveyor belt to the Z-axis. […]


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