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Bridgette Mongeon

Sculptor, Artist, Writer, 3D Printing Innovator

Meet Bridgette Mongeon

Sculptor, Artist, Writer, 3D Printing Innovator

Ms. Mongeon has been featured in many magazines, newspapers, television and radio programs. She is a noted speaker on art, sculpture, creativity, 3D technology, and marketing for those in the arts. Ms. Mongeon also holds workshops for those wanting hands-on experience with artwork, sculpture marketing and 3D Technology.

Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor, writer, illustrator and public speaker

She enjoys educating artists on the new technology and bridging the gap between the digital and traditional studios. When she is not working on sculpting commissions in the traditional art studio or creating art on the computer, she is busy writing.

Always wanting to educate and inform, Ms. Mongeon loves to create podcasts and videos. The Art and Technology Podcast can be found at Her videos can be found on her YouTube channel Her artwork can be seen on her fine art website at Creative Sculpture.

She also enjoys helping artists, musicians and writers to achieve their dreams and does this through speaking engagements and online workshops.

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Artist, Cindee Travis Klement

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