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Medical design and manufacturing news

Medical design and manufacturing news

Written by David

November 12, 2018

Spinal Elements’ Lucent XP expandable lumbar interbody system (Photo courtesy Spinal Elements/Business Wire) Spinal Elements’ FDA clearance of Ti-Bond titanium coating Carlsbad, California-based Spinal Elements received FDA clearance for claims related to the macro-, micro-, and nano-surface structure of its Ti-Bond surface coating technology. Highlighting Spinal Elements’ portfolio are a number of products featuring Ti-Bond, including the most recently introduced Lucent XP height- and lordosis-expandable interbody device. Interbody fusion products featuring Ti-Bond technology are comprised of a PEEK body which provides the favorable modulus and imaging characteristics surgeons have come to trust while the multi-structured Ti-Bond-coated surfaces are designed to provide a favorable environment at the vertebral endplate. Since its initial introduction in 2012, products featuring the Ti-Bond surface coating technology have benefitted tens of thousands of patients. Insulet collaborates with Samsung for Galaxy smartphone-controlled insulin pump delivery system Insulet Corp. a global leader in tubeless insulin pump technology […]


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