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Matterhackers Releases MatterControl 2.0 3D Printing Software

Matterhackers Releases MatterControl 2.0 3D Printing Software

Written by David

November 30, 2018

Back to top MatterHackers has just released MatterControl 2.0, the latest version of its free all-in-one software that allows users to design, organize, slice, and print their 3D models from one platform. Despite our tendency to place hardware on a pedestal, the heart and soul of any 3D printer is the software behind it. From the design of the 3D model itself, to the way that your 3D printer decides to manufacture the object, these pertinant tasks are performed behind the scenes while the machinary takes all of the glory. Typically, the process begins with the design of a 3D CAD model, which is then exported into a slicer when it’s prepped for 3D printing. If you have multiple 3D printers operating at once, a 3D printer management tool will give you the ability to monitor and control each print job remotely. Each of these software programs are critical […]


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