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Materialise launches Mindware 3D printing advisory service

Materialise launches Mindware 3D printing advisory service

Written by David

May 23, 2020

Materialise has announced the launch of a 3D printing advisory service to give businesses impartial insights into the integration of additive manufacturing technology.


Mindware will offer strategic, tailored and technology-neutral advice to companies who are considering implementing 3D printing to address challenges within their business. This advice will cover a range of disciplines, from R&D and design to process engineering, and a range of industries, from medical to aerospace. The service has been developed in a bid to address one of 3D printing’s most frequently cited barriers to adoption, the lack of knowledge about the processes, with Materialise harnessing its deep expertise as one of the oldest 3D printing companies around and its tradition of staying technology agnostic and vendor neutral. Last year, Materialise conducted a survey which found while nearly 50% expected their application of 3D printing double in the next five years, 41% counted their lack of […]


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