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Materialise: How 3D printing will bring flexibility to the fashion industry

What do high fashion and shoe soles have in common? Well, they’re both areas in which 3D printing has made the biggest leaps and bounds in the fashion world. These days, it seems like the hype around 3D printing may have fizzled out a little. One day we may be able to print a T-shirt or blouse from the comfort of our own home, but for now, that reality probably remains a distant vision. So what does the future hold for 3D printing tech in fashion? To find out more about what’s possible today and in the near-term, FashionUnited spoke with Valérie Vriamont, business developer and innovation consultant at 3D-printing company Materialise. Founded in 1990, the Belgian company has worked with designer Julia Koerner on an intricate 3D-printed shoulder mantle and crown worn by Queen Ramonda in the movie Black Panther – a film that won this year’s Academy […]


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