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Massivit Open House Presents Massive 3D Printing in Anaheim Wednesday

Massivit Open House Presents Massive 3D Printing in Anaheim Wednesday

Written by David

December 4, 2019

How can filmmakers achieve blockbuster wow-factor without a huge budget? One avenue is the creative possibilities of 3D printing — a technological breakthrough that is revolutionizing the production timeline for props, sets and scenic environments.


The cost-effective impact of 3D printing will be showcased during Massivits 3D’s Mega-Scale 3D Printing Open House on Wednesday, December 4 in Anaheim, California.


Traditionally a time-consuming process, prop making has always been a bottleneck. However, the full realization of high-quality prop making at high speed is now a production reality thanks to 3D printing. Open house visitors can soak up mesmerizing live demos of Massivit 3D printing solutions showcasing how large-format 3D printing cuts production from weeks to days, compared with standard methods like CNC machines. They will learn how they can speed up the production of props, movie and theater sets with mega-format 3D printing, create any complex shape or undercut for […]


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