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Maryland School Uses 3-D Printer as a Teaching Tool

Maryland School Uses 3-D Printer as a Teaching Tool

Written by David

November 14, 2018

In Frederick, Md., students find technology opens doors to learning new skills. (TNS) — Carrie Michaels-Anderson, computer teacher at St. John Regional Catholic School, gets one request from students over and over: to use her three 3D printers, awarded to the school through a grant. Snowflake ornaments, little terrarium turtles and complete animal habitats — the 3D printer and its computer program TinkerCad can seemingly do it all. Michaels-Anderson said once students get to third grade, they are able to manipulate the boxes and follow the steps on TinkerCad to design their own projects. Her work begins even before third grade. Michaels-Anderson teaches kindergarten through eighth grade, leads the school in the Hour of Code, plans new Genius Hour opportunities, and oversees an after-school robotics league. The biggest challenge for her youngest students is transitioning from the iPad mentality to using a proper computer. “My students come in here […]


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