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Marines Embrace 3D Printing for Versatility and Speed

Marines Embrace 3D Printing for Versatility and Speed

Written by David

March 26, 2019

The U.S. Marine Corps has a reputation as an agile fighting force. It’s getting even more responsive thanks to 3D printing technology. The service branch has recently embraced 3D printing for a variety of missions and use cases . Marines can now print parts and equipment on demand via a new unit and have even demonstrated printing a footbridge to show how the technology can be used in the field. Just as astronauts aboard the International Space Station have found that 3D printing greatly speeds up the production of needed tools , the Marines are turning to additive manufacturing to give war fighters more flexibility and nimbleness on the battlefield and off of it. Marines 3D Print Parts on Demand A relatively new unit, the Marine Corps Advanced Manufacturing Operations Cell offers on-demand 3D printing services for the Marine Corps. The unit’s motto is, “If we can’t find it, […]


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