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Making Christmas gifts on a budget using 3-D printers

Making Christmas gifts on a budget using 3-D printers

Written by Paul

December 14, 2020

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — How much would you guess for a new ukulele? $50? $100? If it is on your Christmas shopping list, you could make one for just a little over $10 with a 3-D printer.


“A lot of just comes down to having the right designs,” Ben Strohm, with the Williamsburg Regional Library, said. “If you want to do something that’s unique and one of a kind as opposed to going store-bought then this is a good way to go.” Ben Strohm oversees the 3-D printers at the Williamsburg Regional Library and said no gift idea is complex for the 3-D printers. “Tell us your crazy idea anyway because I’ve seen a lot of stuff and we’re pretty good at making it happen,” He said. Figurines of characters and other creations, printed using the 3D printer, were placed along the top of a desk. The figurines came in different colors and sizes. “We did have someone come in who wanted to do a half-size replica of Morgan Freeman’s head,” Strohm explained. “It sounds simple, but it took a lot of prep work to make it come out right.” Anyone printing a creation will see it get created on […]


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