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Making a 3D-Printed House into a Home

Written by David

January 15, 2020

The city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, recently dubbed an innovation hub by Urbact , is the site of the first soon-to-be-occupied commercial 3D-printed housing development, Project Milestone .


While several 3D-home prototypes exist world-wide, including the Yhnova piloted by the University of Nantes in France and Vulcan II by Icon in Texas, Project Milestone is the first scalable housing development that will be produced in multiple models and available for rent by consumers.


The project will include five unique homes designed by Houben / Van Mierlo Architects to resemble smooth stone sculptures, located in Eindhoven’s Meerhoven district. 3D printing offers design benefits beyond what is possible with traditional construction, including a capacity to produce shapes that would otherwise be difficult and expensive to make for one-of-a-kind homes. In addition, the 3D-printing technique reduces material waste. “We only put concrete down in places where we need it. We use […]


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