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MakerOS Webinar: Make the Most Profit from Your 3D Printing Business

MakerOS Webinar: Make the Most Profit from Your 3D Printing Business

Written by David

August 10, 2020

Web-based collaboration platform for 3D printing and digital fabrication companies MakerOS assists users in developing their products faster, no matter the stage or size of the company.


It was founded by CEO Mike Moceri , who has copious amounts of experience in design, manufacturing, software, and business : he co-founded the very first 3D printing retail service bureau, located in Chicago, back in 2013, and followed this move by founding 3D printing and product design agency Manulith the next year.


MakerOS is sponsoring a free webinar, which is organizing, called “ How to Make the Most Profit from 3D Printing ,” which will be held on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020, from 2-3 pm EDT. Any digital fabrication business owner or 3D printing shop manager looking to run a more successful business should definitely sign up for this webinar. “If you don’t understand your costs, you don’t understand your […]


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