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Lunar Colonies Could Be Built on Moon with 3D Print

Written by David

January 14, 2020

A new idea stroked the researches on how to build lunar colonies in the future. The first thought for these colonies to be established is through a 3D printer. Unfortunately, things are not looking that easy as they seem. Even if the 3D Printer is popular in some areas such as science, industry, and others, using it in space can be quite tricky.


The problem that appears when we talk about 3D printing in space is the printed materials. Not all the metal mixture has an internal structure compatible with the environment. So a new study about this issue is out to the public, and scientists are trying to solve the problem. A new study regarding the 3D Print on space is available in the Nature Communications Journal. The research is treating two metals, the titanium, and the nickel. The first metal is the base for the aircraft manufacturing […]


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