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LulzBot Releases It’s First Bioprinter

LulzBot Releases It’s First Bioprinter

Written by David

October 9, 2019

Bioprinting is revolutionizing the way 3D printed tissues can be used to mimic in vivo conditions.


The fields of regenerative medicine, pharmaceutical development, and cosmetic testing are benefiting from this technological disruption, enabling researchers and companies to better predict efficacy and toxicology of potential drugs early on in the drug discovery process. But it’s no wonder this technology is so enticing, since bringing a new drug to market, with current methods, could cost $350 million dollars and can take more than a decade from start to finish.


On the North American front, Colorado-based manufacturer Aleph Objects , the developer behind the LulzBot 3D Printers , announced today a new open-source bioprinter: the LulzBot Bio. After almost ten years of manufacturing 3D printers , LulzBot finally decided to move into the bioprinting market. The new machine, which is now available for pre-order on the site and will begin shipping in […]


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