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Lulzbot not dead – despite rumors to the contrary

Lulzbot not dead – despite rumors to the contrary

Written by David

October 12, 2019

Rumors spreading around the untimely demise of popular open-source 3D printer manufacturer Lulzbot are untrue.


Internet speculation has gained pace from an initial post on Reddit earlier today and spread to blog posts.


Lisa Ketner, VP of Global Sales & Support at Aleph Objects, confirmed to 3D Printing Industry that the company is very much still in business. “We did have a staff reduction but are not shutting down Friday,” said Ketner.


Aleph Objects are the makers of the Lulzbot line of FFF 3D printers and will be making a more detailed statement about the staff reduction later today. The exact figures of how many jobs will be lost are yet to be announced and it is, of course, sad news to hear that this well-liked company will be making people redundant. When we have more information we will bring it to you. For all the 3D printing news […]


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