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LSU researchers help apply 3D printing to cancer treatments

LSU researchers help apply 3D printing to cancer treatments

Written by Paul

October 24, 2018

Courtesy of Meagan Moore The medical world has long been looking for ways to apply 3D printing technology. An LSU professor may have just found a way. Director of the Medical Physics Program Wayne Newhauser and his research team are working to make 3D printing technology a part of cancer treatment. 3D printing has the ability to help specialize treatments for individual patients. It is already providing cheaper prosthetics for amputees that cater to each patients’ needs. Doctors are also using 3D models of a patient’s chest, face or other relevant body part to test potentially dangerous procedures before treating the patient. The survival rate of nearly every type of cancer has greatly increased over the past 25 years due in part to more effective radiation therapy and chemotherapy, according to . Over the past 20 years, cancer treatment and radiation therapy in particular, which is the delivery […]


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