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Low-Cost SLA 3D Printing Democratizes Scale Modeling

With the advent of affordable stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP) printers like the Anycubic Photon and Elegoo Mars , the average consumer now has access to technology that, up until a few years ago, was prohibitively expensive. The availability of affordable, high resolution printers, as well as access to free or inexpensive modellng software has helped 3D printing find an exciting and active niche: scale modeling.


Model planes made on my Anycubic Photon DLP 3D printer.


Large communities of hobbyists eager to share pictures of their builds exist across forums and social media platforms. Popular models can range anywhere from 1/72-scale model aircraft and 1/35-scale tanks and armored vehicles to highly-detailed model train layouts—complete with heavily weathered, graffiti covered boxcars. Regardless of subject matter or scale preference, hobbyists have one thing in common: an almost obsessive attention to detail and accuracy. This has made SLA printing a […]


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