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LMD Additive Manufacturing Expands in Aerospace

LMD Additive Manufacturing Expands in Aerospace

Written by David

January 30, 2019

Aerospace components have long been fabricated using traditional manufacturing methods such as forging. That method requires significant post processing. 3D printing offers new alternatives. Laser-based additive manufacturing provides an alternative, single-step method for producing complex, multi-material, dense or porous, near net-shape parts that often outperform their traditionally manufactured equivalents, offering enhanced properties. Formalloy is using laser metal deposition to 3D print aerospace components for rocket nozzles and heat exchange. (Source: Form Alloy) 3D printing company, Formalloy, is producing parts using a laser-based process because of its ability to create new advantageous shapes. “Our technology is known as LMD. That’s a method where you blow power and heat it with a laser. You build the part layer by layer,” Melanie Lang, managing director at Formalloy, told Design News . “The first advantage of this process is the ability to achieve design features such as internal cooling chambers or multi-material components […]


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