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LLNL seeks to optimize multi-beam 3D printing

LLNL seeks to optimize multi-beam 3D printing

Written by David

March 20, 2019

Behind the doors of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), there is always something innovative going on. From the development of a new volumetric 3D printing process to the creation of new metamaterials . Recently, a team from the lab revealed it had achieved a breakthrough in the development of the first research-grade, open-architecture multi-beam metal 3D printer. The project, which is backed by the Air Force Research Laboratory, is aimed at better understanding the multi-beam additive process and finding ways to optimize it for faster and larger build rates. The research-grade multi-beam 3D printer created at the lab will give LLNL scientists the tool to pursue this investigation. In the additive manufacturing industry, metal 3D printer developers have increasingly started to integrate multiple laser beams into the machines to speed up the build process and produce larger parts. Despite these machines being sold and used, however, there is […]


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