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Link3D Launches Additive Material Recommendation System to Speed Up 3D Printing Workflow

Written by David

February 8, 2019

The Link3D Material Recommendation System includes a database of 1,000+ materials across over 500 3D Printers. New York City-based Link3D , which offers an additive manufacturing execution system (AMES) to help customers connect the digital world to their 3D printing workflow and production planning . Today, the company launched its new Additive Material Recommendation System (AMRS), which will also help when it comes to enhancing 3D printing workflow software. Companies are always looking to lower overhead costs, and one way to do that is by optimizing human capital and financial resources to get parts to market more quickly. Link3D helps these organizations to streamline their 3D printing supply chains, starting with order submission and auto-quoting, production planning and scheduling, all the way to quality inspection. Link3D created AMRS to help make material selection easier for engineers during order submission. “One of the major recurrent hurdles we’re hearing from our […]

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