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Lightening the Future Automobile With 3D Printing

Lightening the Future Automobile With 3D Printing

Written by David

March 19, 2019

Lighter weight and more energy efficiency go together in automotive design. It’s what many auto manufacturers strive for to be competitive and meet consumer demand. 3D printing is helping them achieve this goal. There’s an astounding number of parts on an automobile: assemblies and subassemblies, small parts, tinier parts, and large bulky parts. All these parts are made from different materials, which themselves have different characteristics in terms of degradation and wear. Weight Loss Automobile parts also have varying weights. Weight factors into the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency, speed, and other factors such as design, especially for electric vehicles. Auto manufacturers aim for parts that have the same performance at a lighter weight. Lately, 3D printing is making them more successful at it. Recently, the Ford Motor Company employed the use of 3D printing. These parts are used in some of Ford’s lines, including the Ford Focus (HVAC lever […]


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