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Laser processing to turn moondust into building blocks

Laser processing to turn moondust into building blocks

Written by David

May 31, 2019

30 May 2019 MOONRISE project to take 3D-printing to the moon to build “village” and for space exploration. Melting moondust: How MOONRISE technology could work on the moon. The moon is of great importance as a research station and starting point for further space expeditions. However, the cost of flights and transports to the moon are enormous – a kilogram of loading capacity costs approximately €700,000, says Laser Zentrum Hannover , Germany, which is a partner in a lunar laser R&D program, called MOONRISE. Therefore, LZH contends, infrastructure, components and devices would at best be manufactured directly on the Earth’s satellite. But using what materials? This is where the MOONRISE technology comes in: “We want to take a laser system to the moon, designed to melt moon dust, the so-called regolith. We would thus take the first step to take additive manufacturing to the moon,” said Niklas Gerdes from […]


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