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Korean Researchers Successfully BioPrint Tissue for Corneas With Transparent Bioink

Written by David

March 8, 2019

In ‘ Characterization of cornea-specific bioink: high transparency, improved in vivo safety ,’ researchers Hyeonji Kim, Moon-Nyeo Park, and Jisoo Kim explore the materials and processes surrounding corneal tissue engineering. Patients waiting for cornea transplants are often in for a long wait due to a decrease in the supply to hospitals. And while artificial corneas have been created to solve this problem, they are challenging to implant because of restricted tissue integration. With the creation of a cornea-derived decellularized extracellular matrix (Co-dECM), the researchers endeavored to make further progress in corneal regeneration. Their new bioink demonstrates similarities to the human cornea and offer the transparency required for human vision. Because this eye tissue is vital to being able to see, damage to the cornea becomes a serious issue and can even lead to blindness. The researchers cite data from the World Health Organization stating that around 285 million individuals […]


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