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KLM uses Leapfrog 3D printers for aircraft prototyping and tooling

3D printed tool holder used while performing inspections on aircraft engines. Dutch 3D printer manufacturer, Leapfrog , has unveiled how KLM Engineering and Maintenance is adopting its technology to produce new designs and tooling. The Dutch airline first installed one of Leapfrog’s early Creatr printers five years ago to improve lead times for internal tooling and to produce cabin component prototypes before going into production. To expand its production capabilities, the company recently purchased the Leapfrog Bolt Pro, a plastic extrusion-based desktop system featuring two extruders which enable two identical parts to be built simultaneously. Designed for industrial applications, the machine also has the ability to print with high-temperature engineering materials, ideal for prototyping aircraft components. Maarten Ottevanger, Process Engineer at KLM said, “I certainly recommend the Bolt Pro because of its rigidity, its large print bed and the two print heads which double the print speed once more […]


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