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Kite offers eyewear that is 3D-printed to fit exact measurements of any face

Written by David

October 24, 2018

London-based eyewear brand Kite has teamed up with Benjamin Hubert ‘s design agency Layer to launch a service that takes 3D scans of customers’ faces, then uses them to produce perfectly fitting frames. KiteONE is a range of modular, 3D-printed glasses, available with a variety of custom specifications and details. They can be printed to fit the size and proportions of any face, to ensure a perfect fit. The modular, 3D-printed glasses can be customised to perfectly fit the customer’s face According to Layer, this level of customisation is a first in the eyewear sector. “KiteONE is the most tailored eyewear available, offering you both a high degree of comfort and aesthetic options,” Hubert told Dezeen. “Wrapped in a highly intuitive service, it also has the potential to be super accessible and aims to bring more people into the creative process.” Customers can get their head and face scanned […]


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