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Killa Design’s Ben Piper writes on the the potential of 3D-printed architecture

Killa Design's Ben Piper writes on the the potential of 3D-printed architecture

Written by David

November 30, 2018

Published: 29 November 2018 – 12:51 p.m. The first experiments in the use of 3D-printed building elements were made using separate printed modules that were limited by the bed size of the conventional thermos-plastic printer. Customised modules were connected to create larger architectural scale pavilion structures. While achieving a ‘proof of concept’ for 3D-printed buildings, these approaches have been limited by structural load bearing capacity, environmental resilience and the prohibitive cost of printing in thermos plastic at an architectural scale. More recently, large scale printing machines have been developed that can print architectural scale building elements several metres across. Alternative materials are being developed for the purpose of including printable, self-supporting and rapidly curing concrete mixtures. The Office of the Future, one of our projects in Dubai, was the world’s first fully occupied 3D-printed building and made use of 3D-printed structural concrete elements. In delivering the project we gained […]


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