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Kelant Orbeat D100 Resin 3D Printer First Impressions

Kelant Orbeat D100 Resin 3D Printer First Impressions

Written by David

October 29, 2018

Two machines have been taking up a lot of my time recently. My Glowforge laser cutter is the first, my brand new resin printer is the second. Both have been causing a lot of questions from my social media followers but for different reasons. I have had my Kelant Orbeat D100 for a few weeks so it is time to give some first impressions.


Kelant Orbeat D100 – Resin Printer for the Masses? Resin printers are famed for producing super high resolution prints, but when you look at options such as the Form 2, the cost is out of reach for many of us. Lately there have been new printers arriving that aim to take the best (high resolution) and fix the worst (hard to level, expensive). Kelant Orbeat D100 was one that seemed to actually deliver.


Seeing friend’s prints, and apparent ease of use, tipped me over into […]


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