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Keep 3D Filament Dry and Improve Print Quality

Keep 3D Filament Dry and Improve Print Quality

Written by David

March 9, 2019

It’s important to keep your 3D filament dry. Filament with moisture trapped in it can cause quality issues with your prints. I will show you how I store my 3D filaments in low humidity condition. Moisture in filament is really, really bad for 3D printing. Quality not only goes down the drain, printing also becomes so much harder no matter how you adjust your settings. When I first started 3D printing, whenever new 3D filament arrived, I would just take it out of the box and start printing right away. Printing quality wasn’t always good and I would blame the quality of the filament. Maybe that was it, but one important thing I overlooked was the moisture in the filament. 3D filament we buy online could have sat in a warehouse for who knows how many years, and possibly in a humid environment too. It didn’t come across my […]


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