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Kamp C to build two-storey home with COBOD 3D printer

Kamp C to build two-storey home with COBOD 3D printer

Written by David

March 28, 2019

Just weeks ago, Danish 3D printing construction company COBOD International (a spin-out of 3D Printhuset) deployed the largest 3D construction printer on the market to Saudi Arabia . Now, the company has reported that something slightly closer to home is being built using its additive manufacturing platform. Kamp C, the Center for Sustainability and Innovation in the Belgian Flemish province, recently installed the BOD2 3D printer and will soon begin construction of a two-storey building. Almost a year ago, Danish 3D printing company 3D Printhuset announced it had received the first EU tender for a construction 3D printing platform . The tender was issued by Kamp C, which chose the BOD2 3D printer as its technology of choice. “Kamp C wants to keep up with the latest developments and even play a pioneering role in terms of innovation and construction,” said Kathleen Helsen, President of Kamp C. “We have […]


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