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Kamp C completes two-storey house 3D-printed in one piece

Kamp C completes two-storey house 3D-printed in one piece in situ

Written by Paul

December 22, 2020

Kamp C, a centre for sustainability and innovation in construction, has built what it claims is the first house to be 3D-printed in one piece in Westerlo, Belgium .


The house, which was printed on the largest 3D concrete printer in Europe, has two floors and was printed on-site in just three weeks. “What makes this house so unique, is that we printed it with a fixed 3D concrete printer,” Kamp C project manager Emiel Ascione said. “Other houses that were printed around the world only have one floor. In many cases, the components were printed in a factory and were assembled on-site. We, however, printed the entire building envelope in one piece on-site.” Kamp C’s house is eight metres tall and has a 90-square-metres floor area, the average size of the terraced houses in the same area. Bringing the large printer onsite to print the house was “very easy,” said project manager Marijke Aerts. “It takes one day to build it [the printer] up and another day to replace it after the work has been done,” Aerts told Dezeen. “It works a little bit the same way as placing a mobile crane on a construction site.” “By printing […]


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