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Juggerbot Offers ‘3D Printing for Dummies’

JuggerBot 3D co-founder Zac DiVencenzo and his team have been open to educating the community on the importance of 3D Printing.


On Wednesday, the Youngstown Business Incubator portfolio company partnered with Youngstown Score to hold a virtual presentation – “3D Printing for Dummies” – to showcase the various forms for those interested but have little experience.


He said the presentation was developed after seeing how prevalent 3D printing has become in education. “[3D printing] is actually something that’s utilized hand in hand with traditional manufacturing, today,” DiVencenzo said. “It’s just another tool in the tool belt.” DiVencenzo described the seven forms of 3D printing, the materials needed for printing and how companies use them, explaining the pros and cons of each. “Within each of these seven, there is a new compound, almost every year, coming out with a new version of it,” he said. He discussed […]


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