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Journey to a Makerspace

Written by David

November 12, 2018

Guest contributor Dawn Abron is Teen Services Supervisor for Zion-Benton (IL) Library District. Contact Dawn at Dawn is currently reading City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab. When the primary focus of our school districts became reading and math scores, art and STEM classes were the first to get cut from the daily curriculum. My library saw this as an opportunity to provide supplemental programming to fill this gap. In fall 2016, the Zion-Benton (IL) Library District (ZBLD) opened the Sandbox makerspace for patrons of all ages to create masterpieces, explore new things, and do something amazing. ZBLD is comprised of three communities in the Northeast corner of Illinois. We serve a diverse working-class population. Our mission is simply to broaden horizons and expose patrons to the universe of knowledge and ideas for discovery, enrichment, and lifelong learning. The space the Sandbox currently occupies started as a computer lab […]


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