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Josef Prusa introduces a resin-based 3D printer SLA

Written by David

September 24, 2018

Josef Prusa, has introduced the resin-based Prusa SL1 – an open source SLA 3D printer. Prusa is the founder and CEO of Prusa Research, which manufactures open-source 3D printers. Earlier this year, Prusa acquired Futur3D, a Czech company specialising in resin printing, and expanded its team to 320 people. It now aims to develop open-source resin based 3D printers starting with SL1 – this will add to the FDM/FFF range of systems already available. FFF/FDM technology is based on forcing out molten thermoplastic material (filaments). Whereas, SLA is based on transforming liquid materials to solid parts, layer by layer, by curing them by using a light source in a process known as photopolymerization. Josef Prusa wrote on company’s blog, “The SL1 isn’t trying to compete with the flimsy Photon or with the ultra-pricey Form but instead I want it to be the MK3 of the resin world – have […]


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